Our unique approach to asset management sets a new paradigm in the industry.

Your assets are more than just your investments or property – they include your health, your family, your nationality, businesses, online presence, and ideas – and how you have chosen to protect and develop them. In other words, you don’t own your assets, you ARE your assets.

Your investments must be structured in harmony with these other assets to provide a sustainable and predictable financial future. A loss in any one of these areas takes real Francs, Pounds, and Euros out of your pocket, just as quickly as an under-performing stock or fund.

Makes sense? We thought so

At LAKE, our approach to asset management joins bespoke investment portfolios with quality risk-management solutions and tax planning, ensuring the protection and performance of your assets on every level.


Designed with the real world in mind, the unique I.AM process ensures that your investment portfolios remain aligned with your other financial and non-financial assets, providing transparent and pragmatic investment guidance.


During this first phase, a complete audit is prepared by our team of your insurance portfolio, comprising both indemnity and life-insurance contracts. Together with our investment risk questionnaire, this allows us to ascertain not only your perceived investment risk tolerance, but what levels and types of financial losses you are protected against globally. By combining these two metrics, we align perception with reality. Should changes be required, we act on both the investment and insurance side in unison.


Agglomerating liquidity requirements in terms of immediate expenditures, deductible outlays, as well as personal, entrepreneurial, charitable, or real-estate projects, we create flexibility, and safety. These short-to-medium-term metrics are then aligned with both your private and professional pension conditions, to gain a full understanding of your financial timeline.

By balancing both present and future financial realities and assumptions with a detailed understanding of risk-management, we can recommend both short and longer-term investment opportunities. In conjunction with efficient and transparent tax planning, your investments remain aligned with your fiscal status, and benefit from the highest degree of fiscal efficiency.


As circumstances and realities, as well as tax laws and time itself move forward, the I.AM process is recycled and reapplied to ensure the perennial sustainability of your financial and non-financial assets.