LAC Offer for Corporations

Cost-management is a key factor in the success of your projects, and of the firm as a whole. Among the largest costs a corporation faces is its staff.

Our bespoke offer for Corporate Clients allows your company to engage the services of experienced and qualified professionals, without the cost and burden of full employment. Whether to replace and absent member of staff, or fully outsource a specific service, our LAC mandate keeps costs down, without compromising on quality.

Our staff members are available to work at distance, or partially in your offices, as you require.


  • Compliance guidelines and procedures
  • Company taxation (RI, Sàrl, or SA)
  • AML guidelines and procedures
  • Bespoke internal and external auditing
  • Full-service company administration
  • Social security (AVS) registration and administration
  • VAT reporting
  • Work permit applications
  • Payroll
  • General book-keeping
  • VAT reporting
  • Corporate insurances, pension plans, and staff healthcare plans from over 30 different Swiss insurance companies and foundations, allowing you to compare the market and get the best offers

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