Whatever your company’s needs may be, no matter how particular, our diverse and experienced team can help you find reliable and sustainable solutions. We take your trust seriously, and add tangible value by implementing an integrated and multi-faceted approach in all we do.

We work closely together with our corporate clients, and value open discussion and brainstorming around your ideas. By collaborating in a collaborative and transparent manner, we save time and cost, getting to heart of any challenge.

Our team is available:

  • for specific projects or mandates
  • to replace staff absences
  • to outsource certain functions and reduce overheads

Our team can blend seamlessly into your structure, providing top-tier results immediately, without the hassle of engaging new staff, and at a fraction of the cost, working either at distance, or partially within your premises.

Some of our recent mandates have included:

  • Full-service company creation (domiciliation, directorship, administration)
  • Subsidiary creation in Switzerland and abroad
  • Arranging Swiss work permits and AVS formalities for international staff
  • Assisting a company in diversifying into regulated activities
  • Filing for local and international intellectual property patents
  • Developing projects in resource management, recycling, and infrastructure upkeep
  • Providing translation and marketing services​
  • Providing compliance and AML services