Using a clear 5-step process, we work together with you to understand your strengths and weaknesses, and define your risk-management budget and strategy.

This helps us to determine and analyze:

  • total risk exposure (ie. physical, financial, reputational, etc.)
  • your ability to avoid risks
  • the potential to reduce risks
  • your ability/desire to assume risk, and to internally-refinance potential losses
  • the cost to pass latent risk on to the market

By following our process, you remain conscious of your risk exposure paradigm, and insure only what you need to, keeping costs down.

For special risks and financial lines, we work with major global insurers to create customized solutions for our most discerning clients.

Offering the full range of solutions from over 30 major insurers, we provide access to nearly all the market. This ensures that once we help you define your needs, we can select the most effective solutions at the best prices. ​