LAC Offer for International Private Clients

Whether you have recently left Switzerland, are planning to relocate to Switzerland, or simply believe in the stability and security of Switzerland’s renowned financial industry, our bespoke offering for International Private Clients brings a team of experts and an international network of legal and financial professionals within reach.

The world is a small place, and our team is dedicated to integrating the management of your financial affairs in Switzerland and abroad under one roof, saving you time, and money.

We work together with you to create a bespoke, family office retainer service to address local and international financial needs.


  • Preparation of your arrival to Switzerland, including tax, insurance, and legal guidance
  • Submission of your last year’s tax declaration in Switzerland following your departure
  • Administering, renting, or selling a Swiss property
  • Management and custody of your investment portfolio in Switzerland
  • Establishment, domiciliation, directorship and administration of a Swiss company
  • Management of your Swiss Vested Benefits pension, or international pensions
  • Provision of banking services, residency permits, tax declarations, and insurances, for your children or relatives studying or working in Switzerland
  • Centralized management of your family’s affairs from a stable and secure jurisdiction

Do not hesitate to open a discussion around your individual needs.