Rue Arnold-Winkelried 6, 1201 Geneva

A global financial capital, and a center for peace, diplomacy, and discussion, we look forward to welcoming you and opening a conversation in Geneva.

​Located adjacent to the 4 Seasons Hotel des Bergues, and only a stone’s throw from the Île Rousseau, our main offices place us at the heart of our industry.

​Nothing beats a face-to-face, and being near to our banking, insurance, and other partner firms allows us to implement our principles of Integrated Finance quickly and efficiently, ensuring fluid communication between all parties, and the best results for our clients.


Rue des Marchandises 12, 1260 Nyon

Founded between 50 and 44 BC, “Equestris”, as it was called by Ptolemy and Pliny, grew to become one of the foremost Roman colonies in Switzerland.

​Good ideas are timeless, and we feel that our values of Verifiable Advice, Transparency, Expertise, and Shared Success are as welcome here as they would have been at any time before.

​Equidistant between Lausanne and Geneva, our Nyon office allows us to remain close to our clients throughout the Romandie region.