Whether you are a long-term Swiss resident, an expat or somewhere in between, your pension is the proverbial devil in the details. If you are coming to, preparing to leave, or working in Switzerland, there are pitfalls to avoid and opportunities to be seized, involving both your Swiss and your International pensions.

Pension planning need not be complicated, and at LAKE, we base our advice around one simple truth: No matter where you are from or where you end up, when retirement comes calling, you will make the one-way shift from revenue-earning professional to capital-consuming retiree.

And when that time comes, you must have amassed the savings required to be financially independent, if not, there are precious few choices, none of which we hope you ever have to consider.

Our process is simple and effective:

  • What pension assets do you have around the world and how are they managed?
  • Are your pension assets secure (state vs private guarantees)?
  • Is your pension exposed to enough growth to combat inflation and ensure conservation of purchasing power?
  • How can we sustain growth of your pension by keeping fees and tax liabilities to a minimum?
  • What are the break-even points, tax implications and inheritance obstacles in choosing between annuity payments and a capital lump-sum at redemption, and under what conditions is this possible?

Ensure that you’ve understood your options. Dealing with Swiss, UK and international pension plans, LAKE provides access to over 10 Swiss and 30 international pension institutions. Take charge of your private and professional pensions, they are a cornerstone of your financial independence and autonomy.