We offer you access to over 100 mortgage providers in Switzerland, and are an established real-estate broker. Whether you are buying or selling, we can provide expertise, ensuring a smooth and amicable transaction. LAKE works with leading local and international brokers, giving your property maximum visibility both in Switzerland and abroad.

Our integrated approach adds tangible value to both sides of any real-estate transaction.

For Prospective Buyers:

  • building a solid mortgage dossier
  • determining your budget and amassing funds
  • structuring tax-efficient amortization
  • providing access to 90 mortgage providers to ensure you get the best offers on the market
  • providing Notaries
  • due diligence: radon checks, PPE evaluation, sales contract review, electrical system conformity, building restrictions, etc.
  • providing a complete insurance package at the best cost for your new home

For Sellers:

  • fully managing the marketing and viewing of the property
  • supporting prospective buyers in structuring their financing and obtaining mortgage offers, hence ensuring the greatest chance of selling your property quickly and easily
  • legal formalities around the sale
  • providing Notaries
  • tax advice (capital gains taxes, interest deductions, early-redemption mortgage penalty deductions, etc.)
  • documentation (land registry, mortgage deeds, etc
  • providing investment opportunities and estate planning for your capital gains

Get in touch today, and let us help you take the leap to owning a property in Switzerland, or help you to find the next owner of your precious home.